Parking Systems


  • DCS – 2D/2P doubles the available parking space and is suitable for both enterprise and residential buildings, car dealers, rental areas and parking buildings where the long-term parking goes on the platform and the short-term parking on the space below.

  • DCS-2D/2P is also available in multi version where it requires n+1 posts for 2*n parking spaces with an additional cost reduction, because two neighbor systems can share the same post (column).

  • It features hydraulic direct drive with multi-stage cylinder. No pit is necessary.


  • DCS-2D/4P is a variation of DCS-2D which offers lower price and complete cover under the runways to protect your vehicle.

  • It doubles the available parking space and is suitable for office or residential buildings, car dealers or rental areas and parking buildings. No pit is required.


  • DPS-2RyC/4P is the multi version of DCS-2D/4P keeping all its advantages.

  • With the use of horizontal moving platforms, becomes a low cost puzzle parking system with two rows and multiple columns.


  • DCS-2DL is a smart modification of DCS-2D/2P, suitable for installations where available ceiling height is limited.

  • These features make this product ideal for, existing buildings, as no site works are required for installation.


  • DPS-xRyC is a puzzle parking system serving the needs of high traffic buildings (offices, parking facilities etc) where the available space is limited. It doesn’t require a pit and is designed to operate in a way that ensures accessibility to all platforms automatically.

  • The total of serving platforms derives from R x C - (R - 1) where R represents rows and C represents columns. DPS-xRyC is a very versatile piece of machinery because it provides multiple solutions depending on the number of rows and columns selected by the customer.

Scissor Lift


  • Compliance with Directive 2006/42/EC

  • Lifting capacity up to 3.000kg

  • Speed up to 0.1 m/sec

  • Travel up to 4m (2 stops)

  • Available with landing roller shutters or swing doors