• The heart of every mall all over the world is the escalator. The escalators are transporting thousands of people every day.

  • We are offering complete European Escalators complying with the latest European Norms EN 115, ensuring safety, reliability, and speed.

  • Moreover, our escalators come with an intelligent control system which is able to understand the number of people that using it.

  • By this way, our escalator is moving faster, slower or stops completely, minimizing the cost of operation.

XDM30 – 2 Steps

XDM30 – 3 Steps

XDM35 – 2 Steps

XDT30 – XDTF30 Heavy Duty

Product Specifications




Speed 0.5 m/s
Rise ≤ 7000mm
Incile 30°
Supporting R1 KN
Supporting R2 KN
Weight KN
Power Supply 1060 (1m/s) 1260 (1.6m/s)
Lighting Supply 3350 (1 m/s) 3550 (1.6m/s)