The best installation and maintenance company for
elevators and smart parking systems.

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Modern Designs

Our designs are clean, beautiful, with crisp lines, and simple color palette that can include metal, glass and steel.

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Great Ideas

We have a solution for any problem! Based on our experience, we will provide a brilliant idea to fulfill your needs.

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Powerful Management

Our team members are highly trained, and have the necessary skills and experiences to plan, manage, and deliver your project on time.

Welcome To BuildingTec

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Easy Setup

For your company or at home, and with or without a shaft, we can do both.

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European Quality

Following a strict procedure, we deliver the fastest and most reliable services.

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Competitive Prices

We can provide high quality services while maintaining our competitive prices.

Our Products

Passenger Elevator

BuildingTec Elevators through its cooperation with DOPPLER S.A. can offer a complete Range of Application in any Vertical Transportation need.

Car Elevators

Imagine a hotel with no efficient way to park your car. How much a scratch of clients car is costing for the reputation of the hotel? Our car lifts will transport any vehicle with speed and safety.

Cargo Lifts

BuildingTec’s cargo lifts are fast and reliable reducing the cost of operations.

Dumb Waiters

Our dumbwaiters have robust and reliable design increasing productivity, decreasing strain and saving time.


The heart of every mall all over the world is the escalator. The escalators are transporting thousands of people every day.

Panoramic Elevators

We design panoramic cabins for those who want to enjoy the view from above in its entire splendor.

Parking Systems

The problem of parking systems in all metropolitan cities is real. BuildingTec is providing the solution with its innovative parking solutions.

Smart Parking Systems

Parking is costly and limited in almost every major city in the world. Smart parking systems for meeting near-term parking demand are needed.

DOPPLER's Exclusive Agent in KSA

BuildingTec Elevators through its cooperation with DOPPLER S.A. can offer a complete Range of Application in any Vertical Transportation need

When it comes to elevators, every second counts. BuildingTec meets the highest expectations through state-of-the-art technology

BuildingTec Elevators are the right choice for the demanding needs of any facilities.

Emergency situations, continuous traffic of people, doctors, nurses, Hotel visitors, VIP people in luxurious offices, transportation of bulky beds, wheelchairs and medical equipment, Cars and Goods are everyday challenges that demand reliable and robust solutions.

Our lifts offer high safety, great functionality, excellent riding comfort and cost reduction by energy saving systems along with modern design.

Our Services

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BuildingTec Elevators following a strict procedure and under the supervision of our Engineers delivers the fastest and most reliable installation services within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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Traffic Analysis

Traffic analysis is a mathematical analysis of the flow of the people inside the building.
Our company can provide to all consultant engineers with a free of charge traffic analysis for their building in order to determine the optimized speed and capacity of their lifts.

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  • Planned Maintenance: Our scheduled maintenance gives you peace of mind that your lift will continue working.

  • Repairs: If your elevator breaks down, our priority is to repair it. Your service agreement is your guarantee that you will receive a priority repair service from experienced engineers who know and understand your lift.

  • Warranty: Our Company will provide two (2) years warranty to all equipment.
    Our Technician will be stand by for 24 hours / 7 days a week for any breakdown call, offering the highest possible service.

Latest Projects

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